The host of Shap Fell Bothy is Marianne.

I invite you to come out to the Bothy and enjoy a night or several. You may not always catch a full moon, but with clear skies you’ll see far-reaching views and a multitude of stars, and in any weather you’ll be warm and cosy by the wood-burner. Why not have a ramble over the moorland down into the beautiful Bretherdale, and in the evening treat yourself a take-away from the famous Shap Chippy. And you can make as much noise as you like in the Bothy, so bring a guitar or a set of bagpipes and you will be in your element!

Currently all our enquiries are handled by Airbnb. Here is our Airbnb page:

Please visit the Airbnb page if you would like to check availability, make a booking, or need any more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks