Frequently Asked Questions

How do we book?
You can book ONLY through AirBnB (which has our Calendar).

How do we pay?
AirBnB specify payment methods.

What are the check-in Times?  
Arrival time is usually after 5.00 p.m. 
Departure time before 11.00 a.m. 
Other times by arrangement, but cannot be guaranteed.

Do I need to book out the whole bothy?
The basic rate includes the whole of the bothy, so you can book it for one person or for 8.

Can I bring a dog?
Dogs are welcome, but must be kept under control around livestock.

What facilities are available at the bothy?
See Facilities page.

Do we need insurance?
We do not provide insurance, so we recommend that you get insurance just as you would if you were going on holiday abroad.

Do you allow cancellation and transfer of bookings?
AirBnB have their own policies for cancellations.

Is there public transport to the bothy?
There is no bus or train service to the bothy.
Taxis may be ordered from Kendal or Penrith, and we advise booking in advance and obtaining a price quote.

Where will I find Terms & Conditions?
Terms and conditions are set out on AirBnB website, and include some basic house rules and a house manual.